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Training have worked in the corporate world in Training, Marketing, Sales, Commerce, Customs, Insurance and were especially focused on Marketing and Sales, Commercial, Customer Services and Customer Care.

We offer Small Business Start Up courses to help get your venture 'off the ground' and offer advice on what you will require to operate it successfully.

Our Customer Services courses offer training in all aspects of customer care and keeping your current client base coming back to your business for more.

The statistic of '90% of dissatisfied customers simply go elsewhere' and never tell you why they stopped trading with your business is not the category that you want your business to fall in to.

We also offer consultations on ways to reduce costs within your business which obviously increases your profit margins. These can be from economies of scale, better purchasing power, using technology more efficiently, better communications, eradicating human error by ongoing training. offer a range of beginners courses for German, French and even English which are available online or on a one-to-one basis.

We also offer courses for today's popular computer software such as Adobe Dreamweaver for the creation and maintenance of websites, Adobe, Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks for image manipulation, Adobe Illustrator for the creation of graphics, Quark Xpress for the creation of pages for print, Adobe Flash for the creation of media rich presentations as well as other useful software for the creation of video and audio files

If you are upgrading, or indeed buying equipment for the first time, we can also offer advice on the computer technology that might best suit your own requirement and let you sample PCs, Macintosh, Tablets and Smart Phones in our studios in advance of your purchase.

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