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Marketing offer small businesses advice about Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Public Relations, the Marketing Elements and Target Marketing to the potential market niche within their business sector.

Operating a small business means that time is limited for all of the elements which are necessary on a day to day business, also smaller companies do not have the luxury of a marketing department. can offer advice on specific key elements which should help your business. We will offer advice on changes and recommendations as to how to market your business to achieve its full potential.

We can also help with preparing Business Plans for banks, partners, associates, suppliers which are essential if you are looking to borrow venture capital. can also help you formulate Marketing Plans and Budgets to plan an annual strategy for your business to take advantage of seasonal trends, specific dates, specific events or a particular demographic which uses your products of services that you may not have considered.

We can also help you with segmentation and the target market best suited to your products or services.

Good Public Relations is essential in your business as it leads to referrals which is surely the best and cheapest sales tool in your marketing armoury. This is a powerful marketing element which is almost always neglected by smaller businesses.

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